The Process of Unmaking A Palestinian State

This book project began ten years ago. After thirty years of intense fieldwork in Palestine and Israel, including systematically collecting historical documents from specialized Arab and international sources and institutions on the Arab–Israeli conflict, the failure of Palestinian statehood became a compelling, if not necessary, subject to explore


Authoring a book on the complicated, multi-dimensional process of unmaking of a Palestinian state, and tracing the daily events that underscore this historical crisis, is almost a nonstarter.  Indeed, during our many discussions, Professor Shamir kept reiterating “Samir, we all know what it takes to make peace…the real problem is how to get there!” Indeed, I agree! My main objective is to document and objectively analyze the causes and repercussions of various factors that stymied just and permanent peace, prevented an end of over seven decades of Palestinian sufferings, denied Palestinians a fair chance at the right to self-determination and statehood, and blocked Israelis from obtaining security and acceptance in the Middle East.

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